About this project

What this is…

You will be assembling about 1000 words on a topic or theorist. (Options at bottom of this post.) The entry will also have two or three images, and whatever other media you wish to include.

The entries will be collected on this website.

Images must be legal to be reproduced: public domain or Creative Commons licensed.

You can find CC licensed images here: https://search.creativecommons.org/ and https://ccsearch.creativecommons.org/. When you identify images you wish to use, be sure to save where you found them so you can provide attribution.

This is a public web site, and as such you should understand your rights under BC’s privacy laws. (You might want to learn more about why this is important.) So we will take some time to make sure you understand the issues and provide informed consent via a form. If you wish, you will have the option to hide your identity, or to discuss an alternative assignment with your professor.

Later in the semester, we will be gathering in a lab for a guided authoring session on this website. When we do, be sure to have your completed work in Word format, as well as whatever images or media (and attribution source information) you intend to use.

Topics are below:

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